11 STEAM Snapchat Accounts to Follow

Your Snapchat feeds are about to get STEAM-y (STEAM: that’s STEM, plus art).

By Erin Winick and Alex Hanson

Your Snapchat feeds are about to get STEAM-y (STEAM: that’s STEM, plus art).

1. Society of Women Engineers


Username: sweorg

Get the inside scoop from SWE conferences and events from around the world, as well as a behind the scenes look at things like trips to Washington, D.C. to advocate for women in engineering.

2. Science Friday


Username: sciencefriday

Are you a fan of the NPR show Science Friday? Then you need to check out their Snapchat! Get a look at science activities you can do at home, the scoop on upcoming stories, and see what life is like around the Science Friday offices.

3. Popular Science

popular science

Username: popularscience

Get an up close and personal look at science and technology events Popular Science is covering! They had fantastic coverage of this year’s Maker Faire.

4. New York Hall of Science

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.49.18 PM

Username: nysci

Wish you could be at a science museum every day? Well now you can! Experience all the fun science exhibits and events the New York Hall of Science has to offer through their Snapchat.

5. Tech Insider


Username: techinsider

As the name implies, Tech Insider gives you the inside scoop into all new things in technology and behind the scenes coverage of tech related events.

6. Maker Faire


Username: makerfaire

The people behind some of the most extravagant, awesome STEAM events in the country, Maker Faire shows off all of the awesome exhibits at their events. They also on occasion they show off cool at-home projects.

7. Sage Franch

sage france

Username: sageharmony

Founder of the blog Trendy Techie, Content Developer on the Learning Experiences team at Microsoft, and Computer Science major, this girl shares all of her adventures from her Snapchat daily!



Username: nasa

Learn more about NASA’s projects from the scientists themselves, like how the Juno spacecraft is taking such fantastic pictures of Jupiter and what it will encounter once it goes into Jupiter’s orbit.

9. StarTalk Radio


Username: startalk-radio

See updates on new StarTalk radio episodes, as well as clips from in-studio recording sessions with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and StarTalk Live! events, like the recent panel at Fun Fun Fun Fest featuring Bill Nye.

10. Sci Chic


Username: scichic

Erin, Sci Chic founder, shares video of Sci Chic’s 3D printed jewelry in each stage of production, as well as #OOTD ideas and updates from her adventures as a young engineer and CEO.

11. Karlie Kloss

karlie kloss

Username: karliekloss

Much of Karlie Kloss’s Snapchat features traveling around the world for photo shoots and red-carpet events, but this summer her posts have also covered the Kode with Klossy camps happening around the United States. Tune in to see teenage girls sharing their project ideas and bonding over their love of coding.


#1-7 written by Erin, #8-11 written by Alex


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