HERpothesis Coloring Pages

Download your own HERpothesis coloring pages!

Coloring is awesome: it’s creative, fun, colorful, and easy to turn into a social activity. All you need is a bucket of crayons and a crew of people ready to color. This is why HERpothesis paired up with Cookie and Coloring Club at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized to for a HERpothesis coloring event! We turned a few illustrations from the HERpothesis site into coloring pages and let the fine people of Cookies and Coloring make them their own. Check out some photos from the event below! Keep scrolling to find the coloring pages we used at the event, so you can create your own HERpothesis art. Send a picture of your creation to herpothesis@gmail.com so we can share your coloring masterpiece on our social media.

Happy coloring!

Much love,

Alex Hanson


Coloring pages completed by Cookies and Coloring:

img_8863Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.46.29 PM.pngIMG_8855.JPG

Blank HERpothesis coloring pages:

Actor Network Theory (A.N.T.)” by Charlotte Southall

herpothesis coloring page 2_edited-1.jpg

The Devil’s Violin” by Alli Lorraine

herpothesis coloring page 1_edited-1.jpg

The Python in Film School” by Alex Hanson

herpothesis coloring page 5_edited-1.jpg

Cracking Code, and Subsequently, Life Itself” by Charlotte Southall

herpothesis coloring page 4_edited-1.jpg

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