One Year of HERpothesis

Celebrating our contributors!

Featured image by Charlotte Southall

Hey all!

Today marks one year since HERpothesis launched as an online publication. It’s been an absolute honor to work with the women who have contributed their writing and art to the site. They see the world in so many colors and dimensions intersecting at a million points. Highlighting these intersections, fascinations, and illuminations with them, in their words, and with their art, is the most fun project I could ask for. It brings me such joy to work with these amazing ladies— their ages range from early teens to early twenties, their interests bridge STEM and the arts, and they’re tackling the big questions with curiosity and humor. I want to give them a big thank you for making HERpothesis what it is, and to thank all their friends, family, and fans for reading, sharing, and discussing their work.

Below, I want to give a shout out to every lady who has contributed to HERpothesis in the past year. 

Julia Arciga is best known for her writing about politics and world events, but she indulges in her techy side for HERpothesis, thinking about artificial intelligence, VR, coding, and science fiction.

Ex Machina’s Artificial Intelligence: What Does It Say About Humanity?

Interview With Mandy Sweeney: NASA Alum and Certified Sci-Fi Geek

Hotwiring Haute Couture: Tech in Your Wardrobe and on The Runway

Cracking Code, and Subsequently, Life Itself

Take-Home Museum Exhibit Celebrates Female Sci-Fi Writers

Rachel Auslander is the teenage founder of CoderGals. She’s teaching young girls how to code, and giving others the resources to share the skill as well. She shared with us her motivation for starting CoderGals and her experiences with it so far.

CoderGals: An Origin Story

Lily Bellinghausen is a television blogger and X-Phile who thought she wasn’t into science, until she found a STEM role model in the X-File’s Agent Scully.

The Scully Effect

Ariana Divalentino is a recent college grad who writes and produces her own films. She’s sassy, witty, and a huge fan of the adventures she’s found in Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew games. Here, she interviews Her Interactive’s CEO about the history of the games and where they plan to go in the future.

Nancy Drew and the Secret to Keeping It Fresh

Speaking from experience, Annika Hanson is a great little sister. More than that, she’s an artist, writer, and thinker of many disciplines. Below, find her art featuring Bill Nye, AI, and more.

Bill Nye the Word Guy

Ex Machina’s Artificial Intelligence: What Does It Say About Humanity?

WiSE Words: Imposter Syndrome

Megan Harger is probably going to be running the broadcast journalism world in ten years, but for now she’s a student with an active study abroad semester under her belt. She shared snapshots of her travels with us for the HERpothesis Golden Record.

The HERpothesis Golden Record

Sonja Katanic is the co-editor of Plasma Dolphin. Her distinct, colorful, wondrous artistic style comes out in her illustrations about the future and what lies beyond Earth.

Dear Science, Please Make These Happen

Out of This World

Tessa Keough is an entertainment production major, but took the plunge into coding and shares how she connects it to her studies.

The Python in Film School

Alice Liu is a smart and talented photographer who contributes her modern perspective to the HERpothesis Golden Record.

The HERpothesis Golden Record

Alli Lorraine is a business of fashion major with a knack for all things creative. I love her textured illustration for “The Devil’s Violin,” which also became a HERpothesis coloring page.

The Devil’s Violin

HERpothesis Coloring Pages

Adriana Ortiz‘s voice and personality shine in her interview with illustrator and author Rachel Ignotofsky about her book Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World. Adri’s curiosity and passion led her to Rachel Ignotofsky and got her the scoop for HERpothesis.

Fearless Pioneers: An Interview with Rachel Ignotofsky

Sydney Rappis is an avid reader and writer. Her passion for the television show Sherlock inspires an exploration of memory formation through an analogy involving office furniture.

Neurological File Cabinets

Katie Smythe is a creative lady who expresses bright colors, visual motion, and the role of technology in our lives through her photography for HERpothesis.

Dimensions of “The Sympathetic Imagination”

The HERpothesis Golden Record

Charlotte Southall‘s art never ceases to amaze me. Her work has been an essential part of HERpothesis’s visual development, and I cannot thank her enough for that. She brings abstract ideas to visual life and makes our vast universe feel accessible through drawings and collages.

STEM and the Arts: Why Choose?

The Quest for Science’s Holy Grail (Through Falsification)

Four-Dimensional Snails Could Take Over the World

Testing for the Freedom Quotient

Cracking Code, and Subsequently, Life Itself

Technoscience and Scallops: Actor-Network Theory (ANT)

HERpothesis Coloring Pages

Shelby Traynor approaches current events with humor, excitement, and questions, breaking down big ideas and repackaging them in ways that both amaze me and make me laugh.

Solar Storms and Jupiter’s Dancing Lights

LSD, the Brain, and Aldous Huxley

The Probable Volcano Problem of the Ptolemaic Kingdom

Batten Down the Hatches: The Rise of the Cephalopod

Jupiter’s Big Day

Dark Matter: The Jess Mariano of the Universe

The HERpothesis Golden Record

Lynn Wang is bursting with personality and conversation. She questions the artificial division between STEM and the arts, and discusses her experience with imposter syndrome.

STEM and the Arts: Why Choose?

WiSE Words: Imposter Syndrome

Erin Winick continues to slay as an entrepreneur and engineer, combining her skills by continuing to build her STEM-inspired jewelry company Sci Chic and promoting women in STEAM. She’s just graduated school and I know she has big things ahead of her.

Using Technology to Show the Fashion in Science

11 STEAM Snapchat Accounts to Follow

Catching Up With Sci Chic

Melody Xu has developed a slew of awe-inspiring pieces of writing for HERpothesis. She manages to pull from so many sources, process it all, and present it through the filter of her passion for STEAM in a way that amazes me every time. Even though we’re in the same year in school, I hope that one day I get to attend a class designed and taught by the future Professor Xu.

To Be Science or Not To Be Science

Steps to the Scientific Method

The Quest for Science’s Holy Grail (Through Falsification)

A Brief Tour of a Synesthetic History

Testing for the Freedom Quotient

Iron and Vibranium: Science of the Avengers

Technoscience and Scallops: Actor-Network Theory (ANT)

The HERpothesis Golden Record

The Devil’s Violin

Spatial Sounds and Pikachus: An Augmented Reality Appreciation Post

Cyborgs and Technofeminism: The World of He, She, and It

I also want to give a shoutout to Savana Ogburn, Jo Guelas, Kylie Obermeier, and Megan Schaller of Sonic Blume Zine, who contributed music playlists and graphics to the HERpothesis Golden Record. Savana has done an amazing job building Sonic Blume Zine and it was so fun to make the cross-blog collaboration with her.

To these amazing collaborators, thank you again. To readers, follow these women! They’re on their way to big things. You can find links to their respective social media pages and sites on our contributors page.

Can’t wait to see where this next year takes HERpothesis. Keep rocking!

Much love,

Alex Hanson

Editor in Chief

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