About HERpothesis

Welcome to HERpothesis, where young, creative women in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) come together to share their knowledge and excitement about the world around them. HERpothesis started as a zine founded and edited by NYU student Alex Hanson and featuring content written by college students. It is now a website where more voices can share their smart ideas and creative talents with the world. HERpothesis is also on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and you can get in contact by emailing herpothesis@gmail.com.

Interested in submitting? 

We are looking for writing, art, comics, photography, and any other creative works made by young women and inspired by STEAM— science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Whether it is coding, anatomy of deep sea creatures, cosmology, fangirling over Ms. Frizzle, or the engineering behind the Millennium Falcon, if it’s related to STEAM and you’re passionate about it, HERpothesis is the place to share it.

Here are some examples of content we’re looking for:

Pop STEAM — Writing about the ways STEAM is a part of our popular culture and our lives

Theories of Everything — Philosophical ideas and personal essays on STEAM concepts from YOUR unique perspective as a woman/artist/person

Decoded — Coding is a super power. How did you realize your superhero identity, and how do you use your powers? (These posts need not follow the superhero metaphor unless you are feeling inspired to!)

A Day in the Lab — Stories from the classroom, the lab, and any other place where people are learning, experimenting, and putting their knowledge to work

Aha Moments — New discoveries, technological developments, and breaking news

Send all pitches, ideas, and questions to editor-in-chief Alex Hanson at herpothesis@gmail.com. If you have ideas for other categories or regular features, feel free to send them along, and don’t be afraid to pitch something that wouldn’t necessarily fit into any of the above categories.

Keep in mind that HERpothesis is only interested in work that is entirely your own and does not infringe upon any copyright or trademark rights of any third parties. Let us know if your submissions have been published elsewhere before or if you are currently submitting them to other publications as well.

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Header art: “what r u made of” by Charlotte Southall.

All HERpothesis content copyright HERpothesis 2017

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