Alex Hanson

Alex Hanson is the editor-in-chief of HERpothesis and number one fan of the giant squid. She is an NYU undergrad taking classes in writing, physics, and film. She is currently a STEAM intern at StarTalk Radio. You can see her work on her website here and find her on Twitter @AlexHanson1316 and Instagram @alexhanson13.


Julia Arciga
Julia Arciga is a sophomore at George Washington University and is a journalist. She mostly writes about foreign policy and politics, but likes to venture out to explore new subjects. Her favorite science is Political Science, but she loves anything sci-fi and tech related. She also enjoys eating food. Find her on Twitter @JuliaArciga and at her website
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Rachel Auslander

Rachel Auslander is a high school student from South Florida. She is a Teen Advisor for the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign and an ice cream aficionado. She also likes teaching other girls how to code through CoderGals. You can follow her on Twitter @rachausland. You can find CoderGals @CoderGals or at

Lily Bellinghausen
A sophomore at NYU, Lily aspires to work in television. When she’s not watching a new show, she’s binge-watching The X-Files re-runs or running around telling everyone about the revival. If you want to follow a fellow X-Phile (an X-File fan), here’s a link to Lily’s Twitter @Lily_K_Bell.
Ariana DiValentino

Ariana DiValentino is a writer, filmmaker, and recent NYU grad. Catch her in action on Twitter and Instagram at @divalentinope.


Annika Hanson
Annika Hanson is a high school student with a passion for art, poetry, history, and French. In her free time, she enjoys running and baking.
Megan Harger

Megan Harger is a journalism student with an impressive knowledge of Disneyland. She works at the Hollywood Tower Hotel where her awkward jokes really come to life. Although she may be short, her sassy nature makes her about 6’2″ in height. You can find her on Twitter @meghargs.

Sonja Katanic

Sonja is an 18 year old space-girl studying disco-ball technology and auditioning to be the flame-throwing guitar player in the broadway rendition of Mad Max. Also edits her zine, Plasma Dolphin, and writes and illustrates for various places on the internet. Find her on Instagram @sonjatitanic.

Tessa Keough

Arizona native Tessa Keough is a sophomore at NYU studying entertainment production. Both her engineering parents have taught her to appreciate STEM and especially women who follow that career path. You can find her on Twitter @tessa_rene.

Alice Liu
Alice is an 18-year-old art student and photographer from Toronto. She’s an analog enthusiast, zine lover, and a cinephile with a weakness for good lighting. Currently she’s trying to relearn some of her lost Chinese and become a literature geek. Her work can be found on Rookie Mag and other various places on the internet or on Instagram @alice_png.

Alli Lorraine

Alli Lorraine is a member of the NYU Gallatin School’s class of 2018 where she studies the business of fashion. When not studying or working in the fashion industry, Alli enjoys traveling, singing along (poorly) at concerts, drawing and sketching, and exploring New York. She’s on instagram at @trendscendence_.

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Adriana Ortiz

Adriana Ortiz, usually known simply as Adri, can most often be caught wearing too many patterns at once and eating large amounts of sugary foods while running around the University of Washington campus/Seattle (where she is studying Psychology and Business). When not busy being educated and involved, you can find her reading in random places around her fave place ever, her hometown of Hermosa Beach. If you like embarrassing tweets regarding dairy, Denny’s, and pugs follow her on Twitter @adriortiz119 for the trials of and tribulations of her life.

Sydney Rappis
A Wisconsin native, Sydney is a sophomore at NYU studying things that interest her, but mostly just reading. Right now, she’s reading Inherent Vice and Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life. Some of her favorite things include bubble tea, Chopped, and Black Mirror.
Her public GPG key is 59811F01.
Katie Smythe

Katie Smythe, a senior at Mira Costa High School, is an avid photographer and writer. Katie has photographed events for the Los Angeles Times High School Insider, Mira Costa Yearbook Staff, and various music festivals and events like Beach Goth and the Skechers Pier to Pier walk. She currently runs a blog composed of her own photography and prose and is working on getting her work published in various magazines around Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. Her work can be found on her website as well as her blog. Follow her Instagram @katiesmythe.

Charlotte Southall

Charlotte is an art student from the UK with a passion for coffee and Kristen Stewart. Occasionally she misses her physics education and you’ll find her reading about quantum mechanics at 3 AM but usually she’ll be found covering herself and everything she owns in glitter. Find her on Twitter @skinnychip6.

Shelby Traynor

Shelby Traynor is a nineteen year old writer from the suburban wastelands of Perth, Western Australia. She writes for radio, the internet, and the occasional zine, spending the rest of her time reading or looking up at the sky (in a totally punk rock and not at all whimsical way). Find her on Twitter @shelbyrtraynor and at her blog

Lynn Wang

Lynn Wang is a biochemistry and statistics major at USC. In her free time, she is a lover of opera, street tacos, and rock climbing. She is currently an undergraduate research fellow for Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) at USC. Her research concerns the genetic basis of phenotypic variation in oysters. You can find her on Twitter @lynnspiracy.


Erin Winick

Erin, founder of Sci Chic, is currently a 4th year mechanical engineering student at the University of Florida with a passion for making, 3D printing, sewing and engineering. She has interned with Solar Turbines, John Deere, and Bracken Engineering during her time in college and will be interning with Keysight this summer in Santa Rosa, CA.


melody herpothesis
Melody Xu

A sophomore at NYU Gallatin, Melody is currently studying the construction of intelligence through science and technology studies, psychology, statistics, and philosophy, along with a minor in Science and Society. She hopes to be able to gain a better understanding of the how these interdisciplinary fields come to impact our lives and encourage others to do the same.


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